Australia Making Moves To Establish Position As A Crypto-Friendly Nation

Australia appears to be aggressively pursuing options to implement Cryptocurrency. From government to private-sector, Aussies are among the more progressive nations with respect to the crypto ideology.

Several vendors in Brisbane’s airport recently begun accepting Cryptocurrency payments.

As an element of the country’s 2018-2019 budget, the Australian government set aside AUD $700,000 for blockchain research.

Australian beach town Agnes Water is billing itself the country’s first ‘digital currency town’ in an apparent effort to attract tech-tourism.

Many believe Oz is taking a more progressive line in the financial space as a play to reclaim billions in tax revenue from untaxed jobs. Implementing blockchain systems could aid the government in tracking income. This could become a hot-point of controversy amongst Australians who view such oversights as invasive and unjust.

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